Food Failures

My parents were both excellent cooks, but I was never too interested in learning. Too girly. I could make grilled cheese and boil water; I was set. And that was fine for college and grad school, where cheap accommodations meant knowing how to use the microwave was enough. But once school was over, and once I had an actual kitchen, I developed an interest in cooking.

I’m pretty good. But I haven’t always been.

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Taking Pictures of Food

I’ve lived in Oregon for nearly eight years. Besides my Keens, my Decemberists shirts, and my reusable bags, the most Portland thing about me is that I take pictures of my food.

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Soup of the Day: Double Beef Chili

Oh, friends, you are in for a treat. While this chili recipe seems like it has a gerbillion ingredients, and it does have to simmer for a long time, it is worth it. Because I only make this recipe a couple times per year, it makes it seem all the more special. Do you like beef? Do you like (optional) heat? Get in.

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Mughal Bread: Flat Bread fit for an Emperor

The Mughal Empire was founded in 1529 and at its height reached from Kabul (Afghanistan) to Kanyakumari (in the state of Tamil Nadu, in southernmost India). The Mughals were Persian and their cooks borrowed from Persian and Indian cuisine, leaving us with such beloved dishes as pulau, paneer, and biryani.

This bread recipe is from the 16th century book, Ain i Akbari by Abul Fazl. This translation is by David Friedman.

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Ask UfYH: Holiday Hosting Edition

Q: I’m going to be hosting a bunch of people for Christmas for the first time, and I’m kind of freaking out about how I’m going to get/keep everything clean. My house is pretty clean to start with, but with all of the cooking and extra people, is there anything I should do to stay ahead of the inevitable mess? Read More Ask UfYH: Holiday Hosting Edition

Medieval Snowe, a Year Round Treat

Snowe is a dessert recipe of sorts — it’s a sweet dish, though I could see eating it at breakfast, for a snack, etc. I think it will be especially nice in summertime. It’s a simple, light dessert — doesn’t require much prep time.

Pictures and recipe after the jump.

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