Birthday Giveaway: Depression Print

I have the privilege of giving away a special guest gift! As someone who experiences mental health issues, I was awestruck when I saw the print that is being given away. Abigail Southworth is a friend of P-Mag and graciously created and donated the print that we are giving away.  Read More Birthday Giveaway: Depression Print

Do You Have an Abusive Online Persona?

Over the weekend, I’ve been observing a long-standing website implode with inner squabbling, and in reading along I’ve identified what a friend once dubbed “the emotional regression of people online.” Read More Do You Have an Abusive Online Persona?

Dry Wit: Getting With the Program

So, I don’t know how many of you are recovering alcoholics (you saucy wenches) and I don’t know how many of you are living or dealing with a recovering alcoholic (seriously, I’m sorry about that), but it kind of seemed that the moment I mentioned to close friends that I was quitting drinking and working on recovery and building coping mechanisms that weren’t tragically hurtful, they all seemed to assume that I was going to join Alcoholics Anonymous.