New Show Recap: The Good Wife, 5.11, “Goliath and David”

Who owns the rights to a cover song when that cover song is used in an unauthorized fashion? This episode won’t actually clear up that question, but it does answer several others. Is Will ever getting over Alicia? Did Marilyn make Baby Peter with Governor Peter? Whatever happened to those mysterious ballot boxes from last season? Who wouldn’t want to hug Cary Agos? Whatever happened to that actor from the Scooby Doo movie with Buffy in it?  Read More New Show Recap: The Good Wife, 5.11, “Goliath and David”

What the Harlem Shake Can Teach Us About Copyright

Recently, the Harlem Shake took the Internet by storm. It seemed like there was a new video uploaded every 15 minutes featuring some group of people getting wild and crazy to the sounds of an electronic dance music (heretofore EDM) beat that demanded they “Do the Harlem Shake.” Many people pointed out that no one in these videos were actually doing the Harlem Shake. This did not keep some of us from loving those videos any less. However, this week it was revealed that all that Harlem Shaking may be leading to a Harlem Shakedown. Read More What the Harlem Shake Can Teach Us About Copyright

What’s the Big Deal about SOPA?

Late last month, Texas Congressman Lamar Smith introduced H.R. 3261, more commonly known as the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA. The goal of the bill is to provide the US Government, specifically the Attorney General, with the tools to crack down on copyright infringement and counterfeit goods. The intent of SOPA seems fair enough. Writers and musicians and other creative people spend a lot of time, effort, and money developing their work, and the internet makes it so easy to distribute that product without the initial creator getting any benefit from it. (As a few of our Persephone writers and editors learned recently, often plagiarized without even the credit of having their name on it.) Of course it comes as no surprise that groups like the RIAA, MPAA, television studios, and publishing companies would be the chief proponents of the bill; their livelihoods depend on intellectual property rights. But as with more legislation than I care to think about, SOPA comes with some pretty shady unintended consequences. Read More What’s the Big Deal about SOPA?