Science News: 1/22/13

Some of my favorite science bloggers have been hard at work this week explaining how recent “discoveries” are inconclusive at best or downright ludicrous and disingenuous at worst. Wondering if the news you heard this week was true or not? Find out below! Read More Science News: 1/22/13

Science News: 10/16/12

Welcome to the science news, Nobel Prize/space jump/shrimp puke edition! (Yes, I am serious. Pics after the cut!) Read More Science News: 10/16/12

Science News: 9/25/12

Science news has gone all weird this week. Space geysers, crop circles off the coast of Japan, fishing kittens, cave gifs, and the starriest of Starry Nights are all waiting below the cut! Read More Science News: 9/25/12

What about Ocean Acidification?

So global climate change is basically talked about everywhere, right? As far as effects of increased carbon dioxide (CO2) due to human behavior go, that one grabs a lot of headlines. With climate change being responsible for everything from increasingly frequent and severe droughts in some areas to rising sea levels, there’s no surprise that it’s getting a lot of attention; it should get a lot of attention. But global climate change has an equally insidious and disruptive twin, ocean acidification, and that twin is starting to get a lot of press. Read More What about Ocean Acidification?