Guilty Pleasures: My Ghost Story

In the near future, some of us at Persephone are going to be sharing our guilty pleasures with you. Why? Well, why not? Since this week has been a little heavy around here (bullying, cancer, evil corn refiners), I thought I’d jump in on this Friday and let you know one of my favorites. It’s called “My Ghost Story,” and it seems to be the only thing the Biography Channel runs other than survival stories of people chewing off their own arms, and overly fawning profiles of celebrities.* Do I suggest that you immediately add it to your DVR? Yes. Yes I do. Read More Guilty Pleasures: My Ghost Story

Mom Bloggers Aren’t So Sugary Sweet

One of the reasons I’m happy to be here at Persephone is that I am able to break out of the mom-blogger mold. Are you familiar with such a mold? It’s the one where the at-home or at-work mom blogs about her kids and life, about parenting, about marriage, and more and more frequently, products and promotions that fit her family. She’s learned about branding, her Twitter avatar matches her blog header, and there’s usually a gmail account thrown in there too. That’s not all mom blogs, but that’s a snapshot. Read More Mom Bloggers Aren’t So Sugary Sweet