Surrounded by Rice

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Boyfriend Freckle is the type of person to not check cupboards and fridges before going out for groceries. Recent cleaning out of said cupboards showed me that we own four different kinds of rice, three pastas, five bags of noodles, and some couscous.

freckle [M]Surrounded by Rice

Festive Couscous

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For you to really be on board with this being actually festive couscous instead of just regular old normal couscous, you have to be on board with the idea that cranberries are festive. I mean, minus cranberry juice (great for UTIs and vodka mixed drinks!), cranberries seem to only be truly incorporated into meals during the so-called holiday months, which, … Read More

Ailanthus-altissimaFestive Couscous

Fancy Vaguely Mediterranean-Inspired Couscous Salad

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I had a potluck to go to last week and I needed to bring something fancy. I also needed to spend some time reading free e-books about spies and intrigue, though, so I had to balance out the fancy aspect with the time-saving aspect. Fortunately, salad is both fancy and quick.

Ailanthus-altissimaFancy Vaguely Mediterranean-Inspired Couscous Salad