From Whence Cometh Creativity

As I approach the 2-year anniversary of my weekly song project, it’s fascinating to look back on how my writing process has developed, and to see what lessons I’ve learned. So here are a few tips to share with any readers who are either contemplating a creative venture (or who would enjoy a vicarious peek at something they’d rather not experience first-hand). Read More From Whence Cometh Creativity

Lunchtime Poll: Magnum Opus

One of the biggest failings I feel about myself as an artist is that I have yet to create my magnum opus. Though there are plenty of concepts and works in progress, there’s nothing that I feel that defines me as an artist, or even as a human being. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Magnum Opus

How Not to Act During a Critique

The first time I participated in an art critique was a complete disaster. It seemed that everyone fit into two categories: those who took it well, and those who became incredibly defensive about what was being said. Read More How Not to Act During a Critique

Do Your Work: A Short and Sweet Recap of “The War Of Art”

Here is my recap and review of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

Step 1. Read this book.

Step 2. Do your work. Read More Do Your Work: A Short and Sweet Recap of “The War Of Art”

Lunchtime Poll: To All You Left-Brained Peeps

For many years, my sister struggled with what she wanted to do with her life (don’t we all!). She wanted to be a photographer. And a mathematician. And a fashion model. And all this within her senior year of high school. Read More Lunchtime Poll: To All You Left-Brained Peeps

Lit Mags I Have Known: A Short Guide

Often I hear it said that the only people who read literary magazines are other writers. There might be some truth to that, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In a time where many newspapers and magazines are still not giving women their equitable due, sometimes it pays to look off the beaten path for new voices. Read More Lit Mags I Have Known: A Short Guide

Writing When You Have a Day Job

A lot of people from my generation seem to consider themselves creative in some way. For many of us, the online world of user-friendly blog platforms got us into writing at an early age. I know that for me, both Blogspot and LiveJournal gave me an outlet where I could write about my day and foster friendships based around my writing. And, of course, let’s not forget the writer’s training ground that is fanfiction. But once you leave college and no longer have free time to sit in front of your computer and bang out 15,000 words about the forbidden romance between Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood, where does that creativity go?

Read More Writing When You Have a Day Job

How To Be Happy

Last weekend, I read a short post on another blog about how life would be so much easier if Google could just tell you how to be happy. As more people who were brought up on the Internet and search engines come of age, I expect we’ll start seeing an increasing amount of that sentiment. Read More How To Be Happy