Crowdsourced Cherry Saffron Scones

On a recent trip to HomeGoods, where I bought every attractive thing in my home at bargain prices, I picked up a teeny-tiny jar of saffron threads. I’ve never eaten anything with saffron in it, but for $3, I figured I should try it at least once. Read More Crowdsourced Cherry Saffron Scones

Crowdsourcing Lady Tunes 2012

Let’s get this out of the way first: are you biologically related to me? No, click through to read the rest of this post. If you are and you value having presents on Christmas morning, go back to doing your homework and forget you saw this post. Read More Crowdsourcing Lady Tunes 2012

This Open Thread Needs Some Inspiration

When I was going through my iTunes to find a good song for tonight’s Dance Party OT, I realized that I have downloaded a paltry 31 songs since this date last year. 31! That’s 2.5 songs a month!  No wonder I feel like I’m tired of all my music; it needs freshening up. Read More This Open Thread Needs Some Inspiration

Lunchtime Poll 11/14/11

After reading IndyHealer’s post about natural remedies for acne and learning of two options that were new to me, I promptly ordered both CellFood and Goldenseal. It got me thinking about all the things I have tried thanks to articles here on Persephone–new recipes, new products. Read More Lunchtime Poll 11/14/11

Music: Crowdsourcing Ladytunes, The Follow Up

Back in November, I wrote about one of my annual gifts for my daughter, a mixed cd of women musicians that we call “˜Ms. Claus’s Party Mix’. It’s a tradition born out of desire for my daughter to be exposed to a wide variety of women’s voices and music. Every year I ask around for suggestions of what to put on that year’s mix.

Read More Music: Crowdsourcing Ladytunes, The Follow Up

Scavenger Hunt

Holy hopping bishops on pogo sticks, this has been a whirlwind of a day!  Not bad for our first day in the new house.  Sure, we went off book around 10 this morning and we’ve been bumping into stuff left and right, but I think we still managed to look pretty good out front.   Today is a win! Read More Scavenger Hunt