The Top Ten Reasons My Kids Have Been Crying

There is a reason “Reasons my son is crying” is such a successful and hilarious blog concept: It’s all true. Small children melt down over a lot of things. The few times I’m not annoyed with the little blighters for being unreasonable, I catch myself envying them the joy of letting it all out. There are at least twelve situations each week that make me want to shout and tear my hair out, so fair play to you, kids. Read More The Top Ten Reasons My Kids Have Been Crying

Travel Etiquette

As I write this, I am sitting on the floor of the Cleveland airport, hanging out by the only free outlet in Concourse C, trying to get this done during my layover so that I can get it uploaded in a timely manner. So far my flying experience has been average at best, but since I saw some egregious missteps already, I thought this would be an excellent time to discuss how to behave during air travel. Read More Travel Etiquette