The Crybaby Syndrome

This past year and a half I’ve allowed myself to be vulnerable, which, if you know me, it has been quite a difficult task. I’ve been successful in building an impenetrable wall all these years making it a laborious endeavor to puncture through. As I began to tear down that wall, a lot of goodness and positive energy seeped through, and I finally understood how it feels to unconditionally love and trust people. But with those feelings of happiness, also came a new level of anxiety and fear.

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How To Look Like You Didn’t Cry Yourself To Sleep

The last month for me has been, to put it succinctly, overwhelming. I have started a new job, away from everyone I know, it’s at a casket factory for the love of Pete (whoever he is) and I live on the second floor of an apartment. I spend most of my days just trying to get all the groceries upstairs without causing myself grievous injury. Read More How To Look Like You Didn’t Cry Yourself To Sleep

Traveling With a Baby: A Ladyguide

Unfortunately, teleportation isn’t yet possible. So if you need to travel this holiday season and have the means, going by air is your fastest option. And it sucks. It sucks if you’re old. It sucks if you’re young. It sucks if you do it every week, or if it is your first time. No matter the extent of your wisdom or experience, flying sucks for everyone. Here’s how to make it suck a little bit less if you are flying with a baby for the first time. Read More Traveling With a Baby: A Ladyguide

Crying Baby = Awesome Lady

New mothers aren’t usually looking for a lot of unsolicited advice. Yes, those months after you first bring home a new baby are confusing and frightening, but as long as you’ve got a mother/doctor/friend with a kid/ a decent Internet connection, chances are you’re already tapped into the most vital info. Read More Crying Baby = Awesome Lady