You Should Be Following @everydaymiddleeast on Instagram Right Now

Rows of multicoloured wigs in an Istanbul shop window. Snowy hills seen from a ski lift. Abu Dhabi’s mint green central bus station. A 200-year old Yemeni knife. Two friends in Beirut share an umbrella; Omani shipbuilders inside a half-finished dhow; Syrian refugees under a blanket; the giant aquarium at Dubai Mall; a model walks her first fashion show in Bethlehem. A surprised cat sits under a washing line; an artist puts on lipstick in Gaza.

Yes, there are camels, but @everydaymiddleeast — a stunning Instagram account that you should be following right now — is challenging the visual representation of the Middle East with a diverse and beautiful collection of contemporary photography.

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Ten Years On: Ben

It’s been ten years since I started my big foreign adventure. In this loose series, I talk to the immigrants I met in 2005 and those I’m only meeting now. They all tell me a bit about the changes that the last decade has brought for them. Read More Ten Years On: Ben

Pioneers, Playing Dress-Up, And Katy Perry

When I was in the third grade, our school hosted a Famous Pioneer Day. I’m guessing on the name; I actually don’t remember the name of that costume-themed day, but nonetheless it was a day to recognize the early American (white) pioneers. I was extremely motivated in dressing up because of the costume contest. I’m not sure what convinced her (either my begging or crying or a combination of both), but my mom actually went to a novelty costume store and rented out a costume that looked like it came out of 1700s-era America. The costume was a literal adaptation of what you would see on those American Girl book series. Read More Pioneers, Playing Dress-Up, And Katy Perry

What I Watched Last Night: A Very British Murder

Most of us have had a terrible week, with the weather being so cold and snowy and icy. There’s really nothing better to do than stay inside and watch TV or read a good mystery novel. Or you can do both if you watch the documentary A Very British Murder, presented by British historian Lucy Worsley, whose documentaries I always love. Read More What I Watched Last Night: A Very British Murder

We Try It: Duolingo

Being Hispanic (we can debate the term later), does not automatically guarantee certain characteristics that are associated with the group. You can be culturally Hispanic, but you can be pretty pale. You can be raised in a city that is at least sixty percent Hispanic with parents who speak Spanish fluently, but still not be able to speak Spanish yourself. Read More We Try It: Duolingo