A Lesson Learned

I am a news-follower. I’m that person who flips on CNN or MSNBC the moment “breaking news” happens and stays glued to my television for hours on end, catching up on the latest developments of a breaking news story. I have a hard time disengaging – I continue to watch long past the point of wanting to, even when I need turn off the TV and think of something else for the sake of my own well-being. I find it impossible. Update after update, interview after interview, careless speculation, media spin…some call it Tragedy Porn, and I find that to be an apt description. Even still, I can’t turn away. Read More A Lesson Learned

Once Again, A Bit of EuroNews!

BELGIUM ““ (BBC) The jailed ex-wife of child killer Marc Dutroux has been released from prison, after Belgium’s highest court upheld her transfer to a convent. The controversial move for Michelle Martin comes 16 years into her 30-year sentence. Read More Once Again, A Bit of EuroNews!

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MALTA ““ (BBC) Former Maltese Prime Minister Dom Mintoff, who played a dominant role in the island’s politics for decades before and after its independence from the UK, has died at age 96. He was leader of the center-left Labour Party from 1949 to 1984 and was PM twice, including from 1971 to 1984.

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EuroNews for All!

BULGARIA ““ (BBC) The suicide bomber who killed six people in Bulgaria last week was part of a sophisticated group of conspirators, Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has said. He said the group had arrived in Bulgaria a month before the attack. But he declined to back Israeli claims that Iran and Lebanese militant group Hezbollah played
a role. Read More EuroNews for All!

Extra, Extra, Read All About It: EuroNews!

FRANCE ““ (BBC) A man apparently brandishing a fake gun has freed the final hostage he had been holding at a French school outside Paris and has himself been captured. The last hostage was a parent who had come to drop off a child at the school in Vitry-sur-Seine, which is being used Read More Extra, Extra, Read All About It: EuroNews!

Just a Touch of Euronews…

EUROPE ““ (BBC) The European Parliament has voted to reject the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). The proposed agreement sought to curb piracy, but Internet campaigners said it posed a threat to online freedoms. The rejection vote followed a failed attempt to postpone the decision because of ongoing investigations into ACTA by the European Court Read More Just a Touch of Euronews…

It’s That Euronews!

GERMANY ““ (BBC) German police have issued photographs of a teenager who appeared in Berlin last year saying that he had been living in the woods for five years. They hope the images will help them establish the identity of the teenager, who has only given them a date of birth and said his first name Read More It’s That Euronews!