Summer Battle: Kanye vs Jay Z

This summer had the distinct pleasure of not only a Kanye West album dropping, but a Jay Z one dropping as well. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without pitting the two head to head into a musical thunderdome. Full disclosure, I am a bigger Kanye fan vs. a Hova fan but I am trying to be partial in this battle. Yeezus dropped first so I have had a bit more time to listen to it versus Magna Carta”¦ Holy Grail. Jay Z’s marketing of Magna was genius, using Samsung phones to promote the album. Put on your helmets, grab your favorite weapon, and may the odds ever be in your favor. Read More Summer Battle: Kanye vs Jay Z

30 Years of Music: 2013 (So Far)

Yes, it does seem a bit silly to talk about 2013 in music when it’s only halfway done and dusted, but already I’ve heard some really excellent tunes. We’ve got a sturdy Top 10 this time, in no particular order, of all the songs that have excited me the most.

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30 Years of Music: 2001

2001 is a hard one for me – not for lack of great music, but more because I was a depressed human making bad decisions during most of that year, and come that September, the national climate took its own downturn. The feels, man. Let’s have them.

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Tron Legacy: The Dude in the Grid

I loved the first Tron.  I didn’t really get it for some time, until I realized that it really wasn’t all that deep.  Taking both Tron and Tron: Legacy at face value is paramount to enjoying them at all, I think.  So I flipped my willing suspension of disbelief to eleven and put on real pants to go see it in 3D. Read More Tron Legacy: The Dude in the Grid