TDG: 3/31 Kinetic Typography

Good morning, you delightful rays of sunshine, you dewy blooms of clever bookishness.  It’s time to start another day, and we’ve got lots of neat stuff behind the curtain for you today.  To get add a little spring in your step, I put some cool kinetic typography videos behind the cut.  Read More TDG: 3/31 Kinetic Typography

TGD: Sick of Winter Edition

Yes, I know, we’re all upset that we got some warm weather for about 5 minutes and then it snowed. This is why I hate spring. Read More TGD: Sick of Winter Edition

TDG: 3/3

Good morning, Persephoneers!  It’s Thursday again already, which means we’re all in the home stretch of this week.  Yay! We’ve got a pretty good day in store for you, lots of good pieces to read are stashed in the hopper.  Plus, day 3 of Middlemarch voting @7p EST.  Read More TDG: 3/3

The Daily Goodie – 2/28

It’s not a leap year, that means that today is the last day of February! You know what happens in March? That’s when Spring starts! Woohoo! So, on that note I have a delightful little tune to start off our last day of the month on a good note, by our unofficial Persephone Magazine band.  Enjoy! Read More The Daily Goodie – 2/28

TDG: Sporty Trivia Answers!

Good morning, Persephoneers! How is everyone’s Wednesday?  I’m here to deliver the answers for this week’s Tuesday Triva, or the one that made Selena realize she knows nothing about baseball.   BaseballChica, resident sports fan and (trivia alert!) one of the first women to sign up to write for us, was kind enough to provide this week’s Qs and As.  Answers after the break! Read More TDG: Sporty Trivia Answers!

TDG 2/22: Dressing Selena

A few posts back, the editors were surprised to see themselves the subject of a very fun Polyvore post. This morning, I decided to return the favor. After the cut, I introduce a wardrobe for Selena.

Read More TDG 2/22: Dressing Selena

Open Thread/TDG: 2/17

Who here is ready for spring? I can’t wait. I’m ready to hear birds and smell the fresh spring air while I shove my big, bulky winter coat into the back of the closet until October. For today’s Daily Goodie, I thought we all might enjoy some pictures that remind us spring is right around the corner.  Read More Open Thread/TDG: 2/17