This Week in Misogyny: Awards Show Edition

New Yorkers, be sure to check out the recommended readings before hitting the voting booth in a couple weeks (you are voting in the primaries, right?) so you can be sure to vote for the feminist candidates, who aren’t necessarily the female candidates. We’ve also got updates on the misogyny of the Emmys, lots of terrible people, some disheartening studies (the one about Fifty Shades readers was particularly interesting, though not terribly surprising), and so much more. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny: Awards Show Edition

New Show Recap: “Justified,” Episode 4.08 “Outlaw”

I’m pretty sure the only reason this episode wasn’t called “Shit Gets Real” is that FX isn’t HBO and there are some things they can’t do. But make no mistake, folks – shit did indeed get real. Read More New Show Recap: “Justified,” Episode 4.08 “Outlaw”

Gonna Party Like It’s…

Like most people, I hated high school. The spring of 1999 was mostly uneventful. I minded my business the best I could as I served out the rest of my time. I went to prom with some douche from one of the boys’ high schools in the area who I met on the internet back in the good old days of AOL on 28k dialup. The music was terrible, the girls were bitchy, and I never heard from him again. (My dress was fabulous, though. Lavender was big that year, but mine was a gorgeous, Pepsi can blue. Man, I love that color. In fact, it’s the same color as the sash on the wedding dress I just ordered.) In June, I graduated and never looked back. That was the summer I was seventeen.
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