Doctor Who?: Dreamcasting the Twelfth Doctor

Rumors have been swirling for months, but this weekend it became official – Matt Smith’s tenure as the Eleventh Doctor will be ending during this year’s Christmas episode. His replacement has not yet been announced, so some of our lovely writers and editors had fun speculating about who it could be. The possibilities are endless! Read More Doctor Who?: Dreamcasting the Twelfth Doctor

Gif It to Me Baby: WTF?!

What the”¦ Huh? What? WTF?! Read More Gif It to Me Baby: WTF?!

Five Favorite Books: 2012

This year alone, I’ve read 77 books and so far reviewed 68 of them. More so than in years’ past, I’ve come across work that I want to shove into the hands of every reading adult I know. In Sara-praise, “I want to hug its face off” ranks highest. Here, then, are my most face-huggable books for 2012: Read More Five Favorite Books: 2012

Book Review: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

About the only review I’ve ever read for Cloud Atlas that I now know comes close to doing it justice is a tweet from Ayelet Waldman, which I must paraphrase for it was a while ago: “I wish I could re-experience the feeling of reading Cloud Atlas for the first time.” The first time blows your damn mind; the first time is what you hope will be the first of many times. I honestly don’t remember when a book last made me want to start at the beginning immediately after finishing its last page. I will likely be one of the many people who feel they lack the adequate vocabulary to concisely encapsulate this book, but oh, I’ll certainly ramble on and try. Cloud Atlas is a marvel and David Mitchell is a genius, and no, I don’t feel that I’m throwing around the terms loosely. I wanted to eat this book, it was so deliciously composed.

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