The Top Ten Reasons My Kids Have Been Crying

There is a reason “Reasons my son is crying” is such a successful and hilarious blog concept: It’s all true. Small children melt down over a lot of things. The few times I’m not annoyed with the little blighters for being unreasonable, I catch myself envying them the joy of letting it all out. There are at least twelve situations each week that make me want to shout and tear my hair out, so fair play to you, kids. Read More The Top Ten Reasons My Kids Have Been Crying

Five TV Deaths that Shocked Me

This year’s TV landscape seems to be littered with bodies. No spoilers, it’s just that shows have killed a lot of people. We have obviously addressed some of these issues already on Persephone. I had a coworker remark that four shows she watched had deaths in one week, in mid-March I believe. Obviously, the grim reaper is becoming busier in TV land.  Read More Five TV Deaths that Shocked Me

Unimportant Years

I spent April 7 as I always do: with animals. Since 2002, I’ve always tried to find a way to spend that day at the zoo or aquarium, and I have only missed a few. My father loved zoos, and I have many happy memories of visiting monkey houses and polar bear pools with him. April 7, 2001 was the day he died.

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Death and The Good Wife

I apologize for missing last week’s recap, which was of course the week the entire rest of the Internet was talking about The Good Wife. Since we’re catching up, and dealing with such a talked-about plot twist, let’s look at this post less as a recap, and more as an opportunity for a good discussion. It should go without saying that there are spoilers aplenty after the cut.  Read More Death and The Good Wife

New Show Recap: Hannibal, 2×04, “Takiawase”

I cannot put this show down. Every week, I go into it knowing I am about to have too many emotions, knowing that beauty is going to be mixed with ugly and I will love it. “Takiawase” continues the grimdark beauty trend of this season.  Read More New Show Recap: Hannibal, 2×04, “Takiawase”

Ten Memories of Snow and Ice

I’ve spent a childhood longing for snow and an adulthood running from it. Until I can move to Hawaii, snow, ice, slush, and cold will be a part of my life.

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Confessions of a Death Hag

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by accounts of death and murder. For me, it went beyond my love of horror films and the macabre and onto the deaths and murders of real, living people. With the advent of Wikipedia and the easy access I have to the internet, I was surprised but pleased to find out there are other people out there like me, so-called “death hags” who are interested in things like… Read More Confessions of a Death Hag