Watch Rome Burn With Us During This Debate Liveblog

We’re almost there, poodles. Deep breath. Chin up. America’s year-long fest to light our own farts is almost over. Lets do this debate liveblog thing one last time. For unicorns. For peace. For America herself.



Crosspost: Today in Ill-Defined Questions: Is Marriage Relevant?

M’colleagues and I at Interrobangs Anonymous are big fans of Jian Ghomeshi, so it’s not at all meant as a snipe at him or his work in general when I say that I’m a bit disappointed in the debate he had on Q asking whether marriage is still a relevant institution. The debate was broadcast about two weeks ago, but I’ve spent the past bit traipsing around various parts of Canada for Christmas, so I’m just getting this all down in electrons now. The audio (~20 minutes) is at the link, and this post will probably make considerably more sense if you listen to it first.

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A Few Thoughts on “D.C. vs. NYC”

I wanted to talk about the little Washington Post piece from yesterday about former New Yorkers living in Washington, D.C. I’m not an expert on many things, but think I am uniquely qualified to address this particular topic. Read More A Few Thoughts on “D.C. vs. NYC”

Do You Reread Books?

The issue of rereading beloved books is yet another one that I didn’t realize was up for debate until I moved in with Mr. McD. He is firmly in the No Rereading camp, and once expressed confusion about why I choose to read certain books over and over when there are plenty of great books I’ve never read. Read More Do You Reread Books?

Olive Oil and Me: A Love Story

I’ve always loved olive oil. I’m half Italian; it kind of comes with the territory. I grew up used to it being in pasta sauces, drizzled on dishes, and placed in nice glass bottles on the table to be used for dipping bread. Read More Olive Oil and Me: A Love Story