DIY: Gallery Photo Arrangement

For some reason, I’ve always seen the apartment I live in as a temporary space and so decorating the walls was the last thing on my mind. I got a couple of framed flower prints from my sister-in-law one birthday, and those went up in the dining area. A poster went up above one of the couches because I saw one of a favorite painting for three bucks. Six years in, that’s pretty much all that was decorated in the living room area. A huge, blank, white wall sat behind our couch, the focal point on entry. After using a Groupon on some fancy framing for one of our wedding photos, I decided that it was about time to correct this. Read More DIY: Gallery Photo Arrangement

Lunchtime Poll: 10/19/11

Readers, why is this month speeding by so quickly? I wanted to make some sort of a craft project for Halloween, but have yet to be struck by inspiration. And at this rate, by the time I get to the store to get supplies, Halloween will have come and gone! Right now my fall decor is limited to three mini pumpkins. It’s not as festive as I had planned. Read More Lunchtime Poll: 10/19/11

The Lazy Lady’s Guide to DIY: Frame Makeover

I’m going to start out this week’s DIY with a promise: next week’s project will not involve white spray paint in any form, lest I have to rename this series “Allie Spray Paints Junk White to Make It Look Less Junky.” Pinkie swear. Now on to this week’s project!

Read More The Lazy Lady’s Guide to DIY: Frame Makeover