Book Review: “Between You and Me”

I’ve followed Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus for a decade now, ever since they burst onto the scene with the bestselling domestic tell-all The Nanny Diaries. Their follow-up, Citizen Girl, was also excellent, with a feminist protagonist struggling to stay employed while maintaining her values. I feel they’ve lost their edge in recent years, with books ranging from fair-to-middlin’ (The Real Real) to forgettable (Dedication) to freakng terrible (Nanny Returns. Shudder). However, when I saw their latest on NetGalley, I couldn’t resist giving the duo another shot. Here’s what I thought of Between You and Me. Read More Book Review: “Between You and Me”

The Weekend is Here!

This is our last post of the day, we’re outta here! I’ll be banging on the reply-to-comments code with a hammer for a while longer, and trying to track down a bug in registrations.  PS – If you’re having trouble logging in or you didn’t get an authentication email when you registered, send me an email and I’ll help you get it fixed up!  Read More The Weekend is Here!