Too Hot to Cook: Let’s Talk About Pizza

Ah yes, we’ve reached the time of year where we are laid out in a cool basement, or beneath a ceiling fan, or wandering around Target, soaking in the air conditioning. Unless your home is blessed with that mythical wonder that is Central Air, I’m guessing you’re a lot like me and haven’t wanted to do much cooking. So let’s talk about pizza instead.

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Omnomlet Month: The First Seven

About two weeks ago, I announced a new project: Omnomlet Month! It’s born mostly out of my total boredom with what I’d been doing in my kitchen lately, and also out of the fact that I love breakfast food. Well, after some pressing family issues-related delays, I am one week into the process, and it has been glorious so far. Today, I’m going to walk you through a tutorial on how to cook a perfect omelet, and then I’ll give you some tasting notes on the first seven omelets.

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The Great Tater Debate

I’m going to spend the next few weeks getting my mashed potato game up. I know not everyone loves a good smashed tater, but they’re absolutely central to my Thanksgiving celebration. In order to make sure that this Celebration of Eating is absolutely as good as it can get, I’ve started planning my mashed potato strategy early. What? It’s good to have a plan of attack. Read More The Great Tater Debate

The Beggars’ Banquet: Wedding Food for Beggars

I’ve been to a number of weddings over the years, and I know how some people choose to feed their guests: pay a caterer $12,000 to shove tapas and oysters down your guests’ throats, and an extra $6/slice for wedding cake, not to mention drinks and party favors and god knows what else. Well, I say to hell with that.

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It’s Brownie Time!

Today, I want to share with you the only brownie recipe you will ever need in your life. None of this light and fluffy cakey nonsense. These are hardcore fudgy brownies worthy of a whole glass of milk (provided, you know, that you’re not lactose intolerant). The best and worst thing about this recipe is that you can go from, “Gee, some brownies would be really nice,” to OM NOM NOM in under forty-five minutes, with items you probably have in your cupboard right now. Read More It’s Brownie Time!

Doing My Part to Pay For Your Dentist’s Summer Home

I was always one of those people who craved salt growing up: chips, sunflower seeds, and whatnot. A few years ago, a switch flipped, turning me into a sugar junkie. Be forewarned- I made these lollipops as wedding favors and haven’t stopped making them since.

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