Watch Two Old White Guys Try to Woo America in this Debate Liveblog

Here we are again, dear readers. We’re a month out from the election, and if there’s anyone out there who still has faith in humanity, please pitch us.

We’re accepting drinking game suggestions on Twitter and in the comments all through the debate. Mostly, we’re just looking for justification from our peers.

News in Africa: 02/21/2013

It’s Thursday, Persephoneers, and I’m back with another round of news from Africa! After the jump, we’ve got updates on the Pistorius case in South Africa and a whole lot more. Read More News in Africa: 02/21/2013

Politics: Ancient Teachings in Finding Balance

Earlier this week, Rick Santorum swept the Republican primaries in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado, renewing talk about the effect his wins will have on the Republican presidential field and, most importantly, on Mitt Romney, the apparent front runner for the Republican nomination.  Read More Politics: Ancient Teachings in Finding Balance

Making the Most of Voting Day

So, it’s that time of year again”¦time to renew your right to complain about the government for another year or two! Here are a few links to get you jazzed, and to give you all the information you need to make today the best election day ever! Maybe your state isn’t voting this year. Even so, if you care about the national political landscape, you should be paying close attention to today’s races. They will have an effect on the next two years and beyond. Read More Making the Most of Voting Day