30 Years of Music: 1989

This project has reminded me that there are never really “bad” years in music, only years where one should really pay more attention and not let cool-kid-opinion color what you like. 1989, at a glance, might not seem like all that special of a year, but I still had to think about how I would narrow down my picks to ten songs only. Let us get to these musical gems:

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Just Can’t Get Enough Open Thread

You know what to do.  DAHNCE! Seriously, this song is one of those that if I am at some sort of a dance bar venue, I am the obnoxious girl screaming, “Omigod this is mah soooonnnngg we have to dance!” and stomping all over everyone around you.  So … dance and talk about things that interest you! Read More Just Can’t Get Enough Open Thread

Lunchtime Poll: 12/21

I love dates that are also palindromes.   I am a giant geek. How’s Tuesday treating you? Well, I hope.   Before I get to pollin’, I’d like to introduce our two brand new interns, Moderator Bee and Moderator Stephanie.  Both are over achieving college students we’re collectively sure will run the world one day.   Read More Lunchtime Poll: 12/21