Good News For A Change (or “Viral For Old People”)

Combing this past week’s news stories for a song idea was fairly discouraging — I can’t find anything funny about the possibility of air strikes against Syria, not to mention the human rights atrocities there. I’ve already done a song about Congressional gridlock, the sequester just keeps getting more depressing, and while Anthony Weiner has made a few headlines, it’s been for rage-aholic rants, not for titillating texts. Moreover, I realized many of my weekly songs are my way of responding to unpleasant news, hoping to find some humor in what otherwise would have me yelling, Weiner-style, at the computer, TV screen or newspaper. Read More Good News For A Change (or “Viral For Old People”)

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

There were some really interesting reads this week from all over. Did you read any of these while we were moving last week?

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