Recap: Scandal, Episode 1.04, “Enemy of the State”

Olivia answers her door to Steven, who hands her a bottle of wine. He left his fiancée to answer her call. Olivia is obviously upset. She slams several pregnancy tests on the counter and tells him about the baby. Quinn calls her at that moment and tells Olivia that there is an army in the office. Everyone meets at the office. Read More Recap: Scandal, Episode 1.04, “Enemy of the State”

Your Weekly European Roundup

This week, more often than not, I was incredibly angry with what is going on in the world. Denmark wants to put border controls back up ““ oh, and they also want to cherry-pick immigrants and an opposition leader and his wife were sentenced by court in Belarus. Luckily, things like a beard world championship and the Eurovision Song Contest could make me smile a little.

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