What Your Poop Should Look Like (Why Euphemize?)

As you probably guessed from the title of this blog post, I’m not a big believer in euphemisms. In spite of the fact that everyone talks about their poop (you know you do… we’ve seen your Facebook posts), few people know what “normal” is or what the end result of a healthy digestive system should look like. Digestive disorders are one of the top issues I see in my practice, yet few people realize their fatigue, acne, and achy joints originate in their gut.  So, let’s explore this topic further! Read More What Your Poop Should Look Like (Why Euphemize?)

An introduction to chemotherapy

I woke up and realized that it was very very difficult to move. And I realized this was because of the drugs I am taking for the hole in my head. Let me explain, it’s not a real “hole” as it were but a divot left from the apple sized tumor taken from my brain last year. Since then I’ve not been the same. It’s a significant alteration to know that half of one’s month will have to be spent virtually in bed. This is on top of knowing that my life is being measured in months. Read More An introduction to chemotherapy