Has PostSecret Jumped The Shark?

This Sunday, out of habit, I typed the PostSecret URL into my browser even though I knew what I would find there would be disappointing.  I removed PostSecret from my RSS feed a couple months ago, but the voyeur in me can’t help but crane my neck to see what is going on in other people’s sad lives.  Read More Has PostSecret Jumped The Shark?

The most disappointing skin-care product

I haven’t been this disappointed with a purchase since I mistakenly bought a bag of decaf coffee and spent a week and a half thinking I had developed a superhuman tolerance for caffeine.   The product in question is the Neutrogena Wave.  OK, it’s the CVS knock-off, but it said “compare to the Wave!” so I am assuming they are similar in function.  Also, it’s called the CVS Deep Action Power Cleanser, which is a cumbersome name. Read More The most disappointing skin-care product

Losing My Religion

I didn’t drink, smoke, or experiment with drugs when I was in high school. I didn’t stay out past my curfew; I didn’t even have a curfew.  That’s because my adolescent rebellion took place between 9 am and 11 am on Sunday mornings.  That’s right; my rebellious teenage phase was that I went to church.  A Baptist church, to be precise.  I became a Christian the summer before my freshman year in high school after watching a particularly persuasive crucifixion video at a church camp I went to with my best friend.  My parents, both having rejected the Catholicism they were raised in, were not thrilled about my “conversion” but they allowed me to be active in the church and I went every Sunday and many Wednesdays and went on two mission trips to Mexico (oh yes. I was that girl).  I turned 17 in August of 1999 and I had been involved in my church for three years. Read More Losing My Religion