Groomer Confidential

Elodie W. was a dog groomer (actually she supervised a team of groomers) for many years until she switched to another profession. I asked her to share her insights, what irritated her, and what she wished grooming clients would know, and she didn’t hold back. I removed a lot of profanity from this article because I didn’t want people to avoid reading it; suffice to say, though, Elodie (and I, in some cases), feel very strongly about many of these things. Read More Groomer Confidential

Getting A Handle On Grooming

Different breeds require different levels of commitment when it comes to grooming, but no matter how easy to maintain, most dogs will dislike some part of the process without a little help. In fact, dogs that require less frequent grooming are often the worst about tolerating it. Here are some tips and techniques to help grooming become an easy chore instead of doggy torture. Read More Getting A Handle On Grooming