Dubious Dog Rankings

Dogs are judged in numerous ways. Tallest. Fastest. Most expensive. Most obedient. These are all solid, familiar metrics. However, there are more important things to look at, as this list, culled from personal experience, research and opinions expressed on social media, will show. Read More Dubious Dog Rankings

Dealing With the Traumatized Dog, Part 1

Sometimes people will adopt a dog, and despite all of their best efforts, they end up with a dog who has some serious personality problems. If you are in that position, here are some tips to wrap your head around when considering how to help your dog. Read More Dealing With the Traumatized Dog, Part 1

“It’s Me Or the Dog”

If you’re reading this, perhaps you are in this situation. Your significant other wants to move on to the next phase in your relationship, but before that happens, your dog or cat needs to go. You’ve been presented with an ultimatum: you can have love or you can keep your dog, and you don’t know what to do. Read More “It’s Me Or the Dog”

Canine Manipulation Styles 

If you know dogs you know that they’ll quickly figure out where you’re vulnerable. They know exactly how to get the most attention, treats and toys out of their target human. Different dogs have different preferred styles to achieve maximum spoiling. Read More Canine Manipulation Styles 

You Need A Snugglehound (New Breed Category #3)

The wonderful Laura Temple Carroll once found herself with a litter of coonhound puppies to place (because she is the kind of awesome person who finds homes for strays all the time), but kept ending up with bad applicants who wanted to use them for hunting dogs. I had been down this road before, so I suggested that she change her Craigslist posting to include the word “snugglehound.” As we had hoped, a far better caliber of adopter presented itself immediately. Read More You Need A Snugglehound (New Breed Category #3)

Nearly Free Anxiety Solutions For Your Dog

Sometimes your dog’s anxiety is serious and requires regular medication or professional training but if you’re just trying to get past a little pacing during specific events there are some cheap solutions you can try. Some of these could also supplement treatment for more serious anxiety.  Read More Nearly Free Anxiety Solutions For Your Dog

Modern Dog Breed Category #2: The Big Babies

Following up on the column from a few weeks ago about the need for new dog breed classifications, here’s the next category. As you might recall, the theory behind these new categories was that personality-based categorization was the most reliable way of measuring how well they conform to a standard. Read More Modern Dog Breed Category #2: The Big Babies