PoC News in America: Charleston

Previously in PoC News, we’ve taken time to parse out the uprisings in Ferguson and Baltimore as an act of solidarity. We’ve highlighted the work of other writers as they make sense of the history of violence and oppression in the U.S. In light of the tragic events in Charleston, S.C., we bring you another round-up of writing about the the toxicity of white supremacy, the hope of black people and the continued violence and silence in this nation around the issues of race. Read More PoC News in America: Charleston

Why Are Republicans Fighting the Violence Against Women Act?

Didn’t think it would get this bad, did you? Really, who would have thought that in 2012 we would be debating over what should be a common sense issue like domestic violence. Ten years ago if you had asked me if this would be something we’d have to worry about, I would have (naively) said no. But here we are! Senate Republicans are trying their very hardest to block the reauthoriazation of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and keep us lady folk down – literally. Read More Why Are Republicans Fighting the Violence Against Women Act?

Bones 1.02: “The Man in the SUV”

Bones is on hiatus this week, so we’re going to take another step back into the vault to recap a vintage episode.

Outside the Arab-American Friendship League building, a man of Arab descent with a very scarred face and a briefcase leaves and gets into his car. Someone named Sahar calls him and they have a very heated conversation in another language as he drives (somewhat erratically). He pulls up outside and his phone rings again. A split second later, his car explodes. Read More Bones 1.02: “The Man in the SUV”

Apple Pie Extremists

I have this habit of always riding in the front of the metro and train. Why? Well I have it in my head that if somebody decides to blow themselves up they’ll be in the middle for maximum effect. I figure that if I’m in the back I still have the blown up part to run into, but if I’m in the front then the blast will push us out and away. Is this a logic fail? Probably so. But it still influences my daily life. Read More Apple Pie Extremists