Your Weekly European Roundup

Once again, it’s time for the weekly European news roundup. The Euro is still in the dumps, there’s a lot of stuff happening in France, and (in happy news) a woman was found alive after having been lost in the mountains in Spain for 18 days. Though I strove to include the most important and up-to-date stories and sources, there’s always a chance I missed something. If so, please share in the comments. Read More Your Weekly European Roundup

European News Roundup

Welcome to another wonderful week of the European News Roundup. This week, we have France acting like a giant, offensive douche, German age experimentation, lots of financial problems, protests in Spain, bombs and the mysteries of the universe being slowly uncovered. So, in general it’s a mixed bag.  Settle in and please enjoy this week’s prominent news stories. Read More European News Roundup