Watching TV: Then and Now

Pull up a seat, chid’rens, and let me tell you a little story that starts way back when. Way back when we said “way back when” instead of “back in the day.” Way back when we walked 5 miles to school, in the snow, uphill both ways. Way back when in order to watch your favorite show, you actually had to (i) know when it aired every week and (ii) park your ass in front of the TV at that time or (iii) wait for summer and try to catch the reruns. Read More Watching TV: Then and Now

How My DVR Ruined My Life

As I’ve written before, I rely heavily on my DVR. I can’t watch two shows at once, nor can I sit in front of the television all day and catch everything I want to see, so it comes in handy. But sometimes, it can also let you down.

This is as much a story about my DVR as it is about my hopes and dreams (wow, way to sound dramatic). Writing this felt like a therapy session, so if you read all the way through, I’ll send you my co-pay.  Read More How My DVR Ruined My Life