We Try It: Free Books on E-Readers

Sumertime equals reading time at my house. The children are reading for the summer program at our local library as well as keeping track of their time spent reading for school. I try to spend at least a half hour a day reading myself, and on pool days or road trip days, I log more time.  Read More We Try It: Free Books on E-Readers

The E-Reader Wars Should Be Over

When the Kindle first came on the scene, it was ALL I EVER WANTED. A small device that could hold thousands of books. I talked about it so much that both my mother and my boyfriend got me one for Christmas (thus beginning a long series of Christmases in which they accidentally got me the same thing every year, but that’s another story) and I immediately started downloading books onto the one I kept. But never, never did I decide I would give up “real” books. Never. Read More The E-Reader Wars Should Be Over

Addicted to E-books

Recently, I got a e-reader. After spending months and months on the e-reader fence, alternating between embracing technology and embracing the delicious sensory experience of reading an honest-to-god paper book, I took the plunge. And now I have a problem on my hands ““ I’m addicted to e-books. Read More Addicted to E-books