Ask Luci – 3/17

Cat with a frustrated expresionI’m here with a new name and one question today.  But I still love to tell people what to do with their lives, so don’t forget to submit your questions here or e-mail me! Read More Ask Luci – 3/17

Quitting swearing — a quest for improved diction

There was a Bewitched marathon on this weekend and besides being hit in the face about 10 times an episode with the Stephens’ family’s 50’s values I remembered how much I liked the way Elizabeth Montgomery speaks.  She sounds so classy!  I bet she never swears. Read More Quitting swearing — a quest for improved diction

Seriously, Amazon?

It’s been two weeks, and there still hasn’t been an apology or an affirmation from Amazon that they will tighten their self-publishing guidelines so that guides on how molest children don’t slip through the cracks.

Read More Seriously, Amazon?

Working for the Man

Hi, my name is BaseballChica03, and I work for an elected official. (We’ll call him Bossman.*) We staffers ordinarily have a pretty thankless job, but it seems like this election season more than most brought out extra hate for local, state, and federal employees. I realize that cities and states all over the country are in a budget crunch, and the idea of your tax dollars going to my salary is distasteful to some people. But our jobs are pretty important, and on this Election Day, I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about what it is that people like me do for a living. Read More Working for the Man