What’s Food Got To Do With It? Combining Sex and Food

Q. I spent the evening giggling via gchat with my long-distance bff about all the terrible Cosmopolitan sex tips. I found, though, as I ran across ones like, “Feed each other ice cream in the dark. You’ll miss, it’ll be messy, lick lick lick,” (I’m paraphrasing here), I thought, hey, that’s not so bad. I mean, it’s no, “Wiggle his balls like a pair of dice.” What’s the hang up with food sex? Or, moreover, why can’t I find any good leads on incorporating food into sex that isn’t whipped cream, fruit, ice cubes, or chocolate… I want realism! My question isn’t, “Why can’t I find a good source,” but it’s a demand: be my good source (please)! Read More What’s Food Got To Do With It? Combining Sex and Food

Food for Thought

Lately, I’ve been doing recipe reviews to expand my own culinary skills and to share my mistakes with others, thus hopefully preventing them from repeating my errors. It’s almost a public service! I mean, not really, but I am feeling a little self-aggrandizing. This week, I do not have any recipe review, though, because I have spent the past week and a half getting pizza so I can cook Thanksgiving food, then making Thanksgiving food, then eating Thanksgiving food, and then shot-gunning salad to make up for the fact that everything I’d eaten for a week had been doused in butter (yeah, I know, I can’t believe I’m complaining about it, either). Read More Food for Thought

Travel Eats

I’ve spent this week gearing up for a weekend trip. It’s sort of put a damper on my cooking aspirations, but the process has allowed me to realize that there are some important tricks to getting ready for a trip – and staying satiated while on it. For most of you, these will be old hat, but for past-me, these tricks could have saved me some grief. Read More Travel Eats

Winter Holidays: Iceland

This December, I had a week’s holidays from work that I had to take before 2012, or they’d disappear into whatever ether bureaucratic allowances go. So off I flew to Iceland. In winter. Bear with me, it’s not as mad an idea as you might think…

Yes, Iceland in winter is, um, icy. And snowy–as the plane descended, I leaned out the window looking for my first sight of land, because I’m a kid like that, but it took me a few minutes to realise that I’d been staring at it for several minutes. I just hadn’t recognised it, because it was just all snow. And there is only about four hours of daylight. Read More Winter Holidays: Iceland

Eating After Eating Disorder

Trigger warning for frank discussion of food issues and eating disorders.

Recently I read an article listing common eating disorder symptoms that tend to linger long after the major issues are conquered. It really struck a nerve. My major lingering personal hurdle? Juice. Read More Eating After Eating Disorder