The Great NaNo Adventure: Chapter One

Many of us are dedicating their life and sanity to writing a novel this November, and I am one of them. I’ve done it four times before: The first two times I sailed through it and loved (almost) every minute of it. Then I failed epically twice in a row (managing 300 and 3500 words respectively). This year is the decider, and I’ve got a vague idea for a future Booker Prize winner. It just needs to be written. Easy peasy. Read More The Great NaNo Adventure: Chapter One

Ladyguide: Resume Tips

I read a lot of resumes. And I spent a lot of time perfecting my resume. As it turns out, I actually know a lot about resumes. (This was surprising to me, too.) Because it’s job hunting season, I thought I might throw out a few helpful tips (and pet peeves) when it comes to polishing your finest asset. (Other than your shoes.)  Read More Ladyguide: Resume Tips

Going to a Writers’ Conference: Newbie Edition

My life made a sharp turn over the weekend. The vehicle for this shift was a writing conference. If you are interested in attending one but have never gone, here’s what this newbie learned! Read More Going to a Writers’ Conference: Newbie Edition

Picture This: Photo Editing

Every now and then I need a break from taking photos so instead I spend a little time fixing them up. When people ask me how I take such good photos, I always tell them it all comes down to three things: composition, light, and editing. We’ve already talked a bit about composition, later we’ll talk about light, and today we’re going to talk about the many software tools at your disposal to help you churn out great photos. Read More Picture This: Photo Editing