Record Machine: Odludek by Jimi Goodwin

Amazon’s mistake was my gain because I pre-ordered the CD version of Jimi Goodwin’s Odludek, and on the day of its release, I received the vinyl+download edition. I can always burn a CD for the car (for I am one of the last dinosaurs who still plays music such a manner), and now this column can talk about how bloody perfect this album is.

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My Summer of 2002

For years now, I have barely listened to music. Had anybody suggested such a thing to me when I was 20, I would have yelled “But music is my life!” and considered swearing at them, but things changed. I had kids. They are loud. I longed for moments of complete silence. I started working for a music magazine and had to review random things that, for the most part, I didn’t enjoy. Then I lost my mp3 player somewhere around the house and never really bothered looking for it. Read More My Summer of 2002

30 Years of Music: 2011

2011 became the year when so many of my favorites decided to have new releases, and it became a very happy listening time. In some ways, it’s difficult to say which song from the following fifteen is my favorite, but once you reach the end, it will be obvious to anyone who has followed my music writing. Still, play all these songs and enjoy. I hope you love them.

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