Not All Men

The other day, I posted an article about Elliot Rodger to my Facebook page, and immediately deleted it. I’ve spent the last several days taking in everything that I can — articles about the shooting, #YesAllWomen posts, reading his manifesto — but I couldn’t actually go through with spreading the information myself. It wasn’t because I haven’t been consumed with the tragedy, because I have. Read More Not All Men

This Week in Misogyny: UCSB Shooting

By now you undoubtedly know more than you ever wanted to know about Elliot Rodger and his misogyny-fueled killing spree. We already covered quite a bit of the story in this week’s Dispatches from Ladyblogland, but of course we’ve learned more in the interim. So much, in fact, that the rest of this week’s misogyny news and recommended readings will be getting their own post. Read More This Week in Misogyny: UCSB Shooting

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This week finds the elusive perfect feminist, a joke about yeast infections, and the perfect caftan-body diet plan. And of course, an extensive collection of writings about Elliot Rodger and #YesAllWomen.

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On Violence and Womanhood: Reacting to Elliot Rodger

This weekend, seven people were murdered because Elliot Rodger, a wealthy 22-year-old California resident, thought women owed him sex. Read More On Violence and Womanhood: Reacting to Elliot Rodger