Celebrity Slot Machines

Two weeks ago, I took a three-day trip to Las Vegas. I like playing slot machines while I am there (table games terrify me), and on this trip, I noticed that more and more celebrities are getting in on the gambling action.  Read More Celebrity Slot Machines

Alphabet Soup: Favorite Songs for The Letter S

The Letter S is truly jumbo-sized this week. So, so many good songs start with this common letter, and even though I have a lot to talk about this week, believe me when I say that I am still holding back. We can gush in the comments instead.

Read More Alphabet Soup: Favorite Songs for The Letter S

Open (thread) Up and Say Ahhh!

Hey there friends, neighbors, lurkers, ladyblog compatriots.  It’s 10 pm and that means only one thing on a weekday around these parts.  It’s probably time for an open thread!  Thanks for reading and writing and sharing today, you all get gold stars. Read More Open (thread) Up and Say Ahhh!

Whatever Happened to the Triple Threat?

I had intended to write something completely different here, but when I sat down ye olde computer machine “The Wizard of Oz” came on TBS. Read More Whatever Happened to the Triple Threat?


Internet link lists always make me happy if they have something different.  I recognize that they’re the Triskets and Easy Cheese of blog posts, but they’re also a nice way to spread the word about cool or quirky little sites alongside the workhorses we’ve all heard of.  And good morning! It’s day 9 for Persephone, and it’s gonna be awesome. Read More YCMI: Vol. IV