PoC News in America

It’s the first day of June and even though we’re nearly halfway into the year, the news about police brutality and violence against PoCs continues to make waves.

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This Week in Misogyny has a #SolidarityHashtag

Are you ready for some misogyny? Yeah, me neither. But if we must… read on for an update on the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, to see why Jezebel made my list of terrible people, and for a healthy dose of venting courtesy of our friends at Pajiba. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny has a #SolidarityHashtag

This Week in Misogyny is Wearing Pants to the Prom

And the hits just keep on rolling, y’all. State legislatures have been busy passing even more anti-abortion bills that are probably unconstitutional, but that’s ok; we can pick up contraceptives at the 7-11! We’ve got another batch of terrible people, but there are a few others who have earned high fives this week. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny is Wearing Pants to the Prom

My Problem With “The Help”

I started reading The Help for a few reasons: because it was sitting in the living room when I came home for the summer, because Emma Stone is in the upcoming movie adaption, and (more importantly) because I had noticed quite a bit of criticism being written and linked to regarding The Help on some of my favorite blogs. I don’t like reading pop-culture critiques without an understanding of the source material if I can help it (as evidenced by the fact that I plowed through all four Twilight novels a few years ago), so I read the novel. Read More My Problem With “The Help”

Rising Above

I’ve noticed a trend recently of amazing performances in films which are only okay. The first time I seriously noticed this was with An Education (2009). Read More Rising Above

TDG: 2/3

Good morning, Persephoneers! Have we got a day in store for you.  Lots of words are coming your way, for those of you who are still snowed or iced in or those of you that are peeking from work. To get the blood flowing, I thought we might do something a little different for today’s Daily Goodie. Read More TDG: 2/3

An Education/Easy A

Coming of age is a classic theme.  It’s a topic of seemingly endless potential to explore and examine from every angle, and it has been tackled by writers and artists since we first began leaving records of our experiences.   In all the thousands of years of stories about learning life’s hardest lessons for the first time, however, we’ve rarely had the opportunity to see a lady protagonist in a coming of age story outside of YA lit or John Hughes movies. Read More An Education/Easy A