This Week in Misogyny is 1,000,000% Done

This week has been pretty much the worst. The SCOTUS decision in the Hobby Lobby case obviously captivated most of our attention, but the rest of the world didn’t stop being awful either. Fucking hell. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) *Programming note: We’re taking tomorrow off to eat delicious cook-out food and play with small explosives. Happy fourth of July!  Read More This Week in Misogyny is 1,000,000% Done

Moral Outrage, Righteous Anger and the Enemies of Compassion

A few weeks ago, I was fuming after reading one of Susan’s fantastic takedowns. I was yelling and swearing, sitting alone at my computer, and it felt good. My anger felt productive, like it was easing some of the helplessness I felt at the subject of Susan’s rant. I felt so certain I was on the good-guy side of the argument; I wore my righteous anger like a suit of armor.  Read More Moral Outrage, Righteous Anger and the Enemies of Compassion

Babies Are Assholes

Babies are assholes.

There. I said it.

They’re little jerks who steal our time, our money, our social lives, our sleep, our personal drive. They make every moment about them-them-them and they never say thank you. Seriously. Don’t have one. Never have one. No one should ever have one.
Read More Babies Are Assholes

Positivity Challenge Week 1: Reconnecting With Your Empathy

Well, 2012 is finally here. The year of the end of the world, or just when the Mayans got tired of making calendars. Rick Santorum wants to take away your birth control. It’s prime Seasonal Affective Disorder time. Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore have split. Almost every country in the world is going through a financial crisis. There’s a chance that the November elections will have a very, very scary result. And…Matt Lauer might be leaving the Today show at the end of the year.

There are a lot of things bringing us down right now. Realistically, though, the world won’t be ending by Christmas, so the only way to combat all of the negativity swirling around you at the moment is to make a conscientious effort to bring in more positivity. While I’m by no means an expert in positivity, I have spent the last year trying to make myself more positive in ways big and small. The people around me can vouch for the success of my tactics (most of the time, at least). Every other week, I’ll talk about a specific aspect of positivity and give you a challenge for the weeks ahead. Feel free to share your ideas, encouragement, progress, and suggestions in the comments! Read More Positivity Challenge Week 1: Reconnecting With Your Empathy