Professionalism and Oppression

Early in the life of my blog, I was trying to focus on being “adultish” — which included some fashion and lifestyle tips and musings that reflected on acting more mature and professional. But lately, I’ve been wondering, what does that even mean? Read More Professionalism and Oppression

Diversifying Your Skill Set

I have been job searching in the Midwest for almost a year and a half. With varying degrees of seriousness and intensity, because job searching makes me want to bludgeon other people or myself, and it’s best for my mental health to take breaks sometimes. Read More Diversifying Your Skill Set

Groovy Cool Jobs!

Welcome back to Cool Jobs! Some weeks doing this roundup is easier than others, and some weeks doing this roundup is a depressing window into how difficult it is in many areas of the country to even find a job posting that isn’t soul-crushing. However, in my opinion, the main purpose of this feature is not necessarily to find the perfect jobs for Persephone readers, though it is my not-so-secret hope and dream that some of you will find the perfect posting in this column, but rather to keep people aware that there are jobs out there somewhere, and to give Persephone friends the opportunity to make each other aware of open positions in their companies or areas, and, of course, to bring hilarious Craigslist scams and awkwardly worded postings to your attention.

Read More Groovy Cool Jobs!

Handy Dandy Cool Jobs!

Halloween always reminds me of dressing up for When You Grow Up Day in elementary school. I dressed up as a ballerina, not so much because I wanted to be one but because I had a twirly skirt I wanted to wear. What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you have a definite plan that you dressed to match, or did you take a look at your accumulated costume box of education and experience and pick something that fit? They say that hardly anyone has a job that utilizes their college education these days, but looking even farther back than that, how well does your current or current desired career match what you wanted when you were a kid? Read More Handy Dandy Cool Jobs!

Flavor Blasted Cool Jobs!

At my current place of employment I do a lot of the basic hiring functions like receiving resumes, sending out contracts and new hire forms, and being one of the primary contacts between job seekers and the people who decide who gets a job and who doesn’t. I thought I’d add to the subject matter already covered by the esteemed pileofmonkeys in “Adventures in Hiring” by giving you the top few ridiculous things that I routinely see people do in the hiring process. Read More Flavor Blasted Cool Jobs!

The Revenge of Cool Jobs!

So this happened, and this is happening, and there are a lot of things to be angry about. Being angry can take up a lot of your time (and I should know as I am a champion angry person) that would perhaps be more productively spent looking for employment that will help hoist you from the very bottom of the 99% to somewhere in the middle of the bottom of the 99%. Read More The Revenge of Cool Jobs!

Cool Jobs Infinity!

A little while ago I found myself advising a reader to keep an angry blog full of her best stories about mean customers so that when she’s out saving all your ungrateful asses as an amazing political science/international affairs-y person in whatever awesome job she gets down the road, she can look back and laugh at how terrible everyone is. And you know what? Even a couple hours later, after some coffee, I still feel like that’s a reasonable suggestion. Read More Cool Jobs Infinity!