How to Apply for or Renew Your U.S. Passport

I live in a part of the country where I can see Canada from my house. Until a couple of years ago, that meant frequent trips across the border–for that good Chinese food place, for the better view of Niagara Falls, to go to bars where the legal drinking age is 19–without much of a hassle. You told the border guards your nation of citizenship, how long you planned to be gone, and you were on your way. But Bush-era policy changes in June 2009 had folks around here scrambling to get a U.S. passport or enhanced driver’s license so we could continue to visit our neighbors to the north, something we hadn’t had to worry about before. Whether you’re planning a trip to Canada, Mexico, or some further flung shore, here’s what you need to do to ensure you can cross the border–and get home again!–legally. Read More How to Apply for or Renew Your U.S. Passport