Lunchtime Poll: Dark Evening Entertainment

Autumn has arrived! Scrumptiously cooler days are here, and with them come darker evenings. And what do darker evenings mean? They mean it’s time for the season of indoor entertainment. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Dark Evening Entertainment

I Watched It So You Don’t Have to: New Year’s Eve

I should start off by sharing a couple of details about New Year’s Eve, my state of mind while watching it and the resulting review. First, I knew this movie was going to be a steaming colostomy bag of empty dreams before watching it. Second, I was deep into the throes of PMS
when I watched this film. My Pre-/Post-/Present menstrual syndrome is intense and effects me mentally, physically, spiritually and metaphysically. I also drank a couple of beers while watching it.

Another Day, More Bloggin’

Hellllllooooo Tuesday.   The coffee machine is warming up and we’re stretching our typing fingers to bring you the very best in ladyblogging entertainment all day long.  We’ve got a full schedule today, so buckle your seat belts, there’s gonna be a bunch of words. Read More Another Day, More Bloggin’