But Rick Cooks and Rick Cleans: Rick Santorum’s Real Stance on Women

And here we go again with another post showing the wonderful regard that Rick Santorum supposedly has for women and for their place in society! Trigger warning for inflammatory, insulting statements on Santorum’s part that would cause one not only to cringe, but to foam at the mouth with anger and turn into a raging She-Hulk. Yes, it’s that bad, Persephoneers. Continue reading

My Feminism is Not the Standard Feminism

Popular culture likes to paint the definition of feminism as women’s goal to be equal to men. It’s the sanitized, simplified, and publicly palatable version of feminism. It’s the definition that many are exposed to first, that we see in the media, and what lots of adults will tell you when your eight year old self asks what feminism is. And to be fair, the definiton is not strictly incorrect. As many here know, the definition of feminism is a longstanding point of contention. One person’s definition is undoubtedly the one listed above. Another person’s defintion is all about choice. And obviously, we do not all agree with each other’s definitions. Putting those differences aside is a necessity, because it unites us all as part of a global movement with one overarching goal: to help women.

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Ask Dr. Susan vs. Ask Dr. Laura: “Please Help Me to Fix My Husband”

It’s like I joined the Witness Protection Program, except the exact opposite. Hi. I’m Susan. I used to go by Malyshka, which isn’t my real name, but I decided that doing so was dumb. So now I go by Susan, which IS my real name. Hi! You should still ask me stuff.

This week, I’m going to go up against Dr. Laura again, because it’s fun. But if you have a pressing issue, please ask! I will advise you just like Dr. Laura does, only way better. Continue reading

Foreign Like Me: Reflections on Being a Minority

It was midnight and I exited the car fuming mad, almost to the point of shaking, yelling swear words and fighting the urge to kick the tire. I slammed the door and our taxi sped away. Turning to my boyfriend, I said, “It’s just not fair! We are good, honest people! Why does this stuff happen to us?” But I already knew the answer to my question; it happened because we are white. Continue reading

Another View of Ableism

The Oxford English Dictionary records the first usage of the word ‘ableism’ in 1981. It’s highly probable that disability rights activists have been using this word much longer; many people are surprised to learn that disability rights activism has a history dating to the 1800s, that people with disabilities have been challenging discrimination against us for a very long time, and that many people with disabilities historically were radical activists working in solidarity with other movements, like the women’s rights movement and the civil rights movement in the United States. The history of the disability rights movement is erased, just as we ourselves are erased from public view. Continue reading

Reading The Feminine Mystique for the First Time, Part I

I wasn’t expecting to cry while reading Betty Friedan’s classic about the mysterious ailment dogging housewives in the 1950s and 60s, but I did, twice. In reading Friedan’s own two introductions alone, I was moved by how many old, false accusations, particularly the scapegoating of women for economic stagnation and the decline of traditional family values against women who want more than a  life in the home, still plague contemporary women who want a life outside the home. Continue reading