Wedding Traditions We Should Just Let Go

I am at that age. The one at which everyone you know is getting married. Right now, I’m attending at least two or three weddings every year, and I’m LOSING MY MIND. There are some things that need to stop very, very soon.  Read More Wedding Traditions We Should Just Let Go

Etiquette: Don’t Talk to Strangers

This is going to be something less of an advice guide, and something more of a,”But it’s so UNFAIR,” session. I am, of course, talking about talking to strange boys at large gatherings and trying to understand why saying, “Hi” to the person you’ve been dancing next to for the last half hour means, “I clearly want to have sex with you right now.” Read More Etiquette: Don’t Talk to Strangers

Etiquette: Pet Ownership

Having recently become a single dog owner, I’ve been thinking about pet etiquette, or pet-iquette, if you will (or won’t), quite a bit lately. Sometimes being a pet parent is exhausting. The process of merely walking and feeding my dog on a schedule can be overwhelming. I’m sure sometimes cat owners don’t want to clean the litter box. But there are so many things we must do, and so, I present to you, the etiquette of pets, or… Read More Etiquette: Pet Ownership