Your Weekly European Roundup

Welcome to another week of Euro News! This week: wreckage from the downed AirFrance flight of two years back is finally located, a police officer in Northern Ireland is killed by a car bomb, and an arrest was made in Sweden’s torture/sex chamber case. Read More Your Weekly European Roundup

All Eyes on Libya

Fighting in Libya has intensified recently. With Gaddafi’s forces taking Brega, an Al Jazeera cameraman killed, France recognizing the opposition leaders as the legitimate Libyan government, and the Arab League’s request to impose a no-fly zone, there are loose strings flailing off in every direction. Read More All Eyes on Libya

Your Weekly Europe Roundup

Another week, another Euro Roundup. This week, Germany and Italy are discussing the future of atomic power plants, Atlantis was apparently found in Spain and thousands of people protest in Portugal. Read More Your Weekly Europe Roundup