Science Stories in the Digital Age

I like to ask scientists and science students about their favorite science stories. I have to admit that sometimes I am greeted with blank faces, a fact that stings my science-communicator pride. I use the word “story” because the most compelling bits of scientific information are just that – there might not be a strong protagonist or a cackling witch, but the general narrative arc fits pretty well. Think, for example, about the story of the toxic newts and the super resistant snakes I shared a while back: like most stories there was action, drama, an unraveling mystery, an open ending, and a whole hell of a lot of toxins. Read More Science Stories in the Digital Age

What about Ocean Acidification?

So global climate change is basically talked about everywhere, right? As far as effects of increased carbon dioxide (CO2) due to human behavior go, that one grabs a lot of headlines. With climate change being responsible for everything from increasingly frequent and severe droughts in some areas to rising sea levels, there’s no surprise that it’s getting a lot of attention; it should get a lot of attention. But global climate change has an equally insidious and disruptive twin, ocean acidification, and that twin is starting to get a lot of press. Read More What about Ocean Acidification?

Earth Day!

Earth Day was yesterday, but the Earth is a pretty important piece of rock, so I figure it can get more than one day. Heck, the Earth deserves to get at least a week. Unfortunately, I’m not Queen of the World (side note: if you’re interested in helping with my grassroots campaign, please send your name and resume to AA, Future Queen of the World, care of Persephone, 3.14 Unicorn Way), so I can’t technically make Earth Day into Earth Week, but using this space, I’m going to try. Read More Earth Day!

The Great Orgasm Challenge: Surprising Tidbits

Welcome back to our journey toward 52 (or Insert Your Goal Number Here) Orgasms for the year 2012! We’re approaching 1/4 of the year complete, which should put most of us right around a dozen orgasms so far. I think I am just about on track for that (give or take), and would love to hear in the comments how you’re doing, too. But first, a video with interesting facts about orgasm.

Read More The Great Orgasm Challenge: Surprising Tidbits

Controversies That Aren’t

This desire for controversy can be positive ““ it can allow the reporters and news organizations to provide multiple perspectives, and give air time to often overlooked voices. Unfortunately, this desire for controversy is usually nothing like that; instead, the only overlooked voices that get any air time are the ones that have been overlooked with good reason. Read More Controversies That Aren’t


Internet link lists always make me happy if they have something different.  I recognize that they’re the Triskets and Easy Cheese of blog posts, but they’re also a nice way to spread the word about cool or quirky little sites alongside the workhorses we’ve all heard of.  And good morning! It’s day 9 for Persephone, and it’s gonna be awesome. Read More YCMI: Vol. IV