New Show Recap: True Blood S7E6 — “May Be The Last Time”

Last week, my occasional recap companion, Mini, observed that “Karma” felt emotionally honest. The connections between the characters seemed authentic, the sense of doom and loss rang true, and the painful bits – of which there have been a lot this season – were actually painful. Mini is new to watching True Blood so she doesn’t have the past seasons to rely on to understand what the various connections between the characters are. For her, either the show does its job of making you care about these people in the moment the action is happening on screen, or it doesn’t.

I thought about her observation a number of times while watching this week’s “Maybe the Last Time.” Because everything that worked so well last week, fell absolutely flat this time around. All that emotional honesty evaporated so that the show – which, shall I remind you, has four precious episodes left to wrap up its entire run – tread water in the main plot, and rekindled a long-dead romance.

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