Book Review: Lips Like Sugar: Women’s Erotic Fantasies edited by Violet Blue

This second printing of Violet Blue’s collection of erotica is rather uneven, but it still provides a fair number of good, hot stories.

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Lunchtime Poll: Losing Time With TV

Recently I have been lamenting that there aren’t enough hours in a day. Even though when I do have more time, I rarely use it efficiently or productively. But in my fantasy land of today’s LTP question, I would be the most productive person in the world. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Losing Time With TV

Bondage 101 (Part 1)

Q: I’d personally love a good 101 type article on light bondage. Toys, where to start, how to set boundaries, that sort of thing.

A: This is one of our favorite subjects, and we’re so excited about it that we’re going to make this a two-part series. This week we’ll talk about boundaries, communication, and figuring out what you want, and next week we’ll focus on all the accessories that will help you explore your new interests. Read More Bondage 101 (Part 1)

Guilty Pleasures: Real Estate Voyeurism

I was going to call this post “Real Estate Porn” but figured it would be better not to have the word “porn” in the url (Persephone Magazine: staying just this side of SFW since 2010!). I hope I’m not alone, though, in pursuing this particular guilty pleasure. All it entails is spending large blocks of time on the computer, looking at beautiful homes I could never afford. Homes with so many rooms they had to make up new names for rooms (what the eff is a “great room” anyway?). Read More Guilty Pleasures: Real Estate Voyeurism

Lunchtime Poll – 1/19

Afternoon, everyone!  I am cranky today.  It is like 3 degrees outside, it’s dirty and cloudy and there has been a Mack truck revving its engine outside my window for the last 20 minutes and I’m about to go outside and punch the driver.  And that’s why today’s Lunchtime Poll is Anywhere But Here.  Where would you like to be right now, readers?  Does it tend towards the more mundane, like back in your bed? Is it somewhere exotic like Bali?  Is it somewhere specific, or just general?

My answer is: Somewhere tropical that has a nice beach.  Hawaii maybe, but not somewhere with a lot of tourists.  Preferably somewhere that has limited cars and that’s too small for trucks to drive by. And ideally with some sort of umbrella drink in my hand, but I’m not picky.

How about you?